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Using cloud services can provide a cost-effective replacement for old telephone systems, allowing communication across all the sites in your business and with your customers and suppliers using a seamless, efficient system.

Just as with other areas of business technology, telephone systems are increasingly moving to a virtual, as-a-service, model. This means that instead of needing to have a PBX system on your premises, you can access all of the telephony services you need from the cloud.

Thanks to their use of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology, cloud services offer significant savings in cost. You’re able to send faxes over the internet, or make long distance and international calls at a much lower rate than conventional telephone systems. This makes these systems ideal for sales and customer services business that rely heavily on telephone communication.

Distributed Access to one Number

Other advantages are that you can have a single business number that gives access to the whole of your organisation, regardless of geographical location, and via a toll free or local rate number if you wish. This means customers don’t need to remember multiple numbers or worry about recalling extension numbers. Extra features on offer include the ability to forward calls either to a mobile or to voicemail, so employees can stay in touch wherever they are and don’t need to give out their mobile numbers to people outside the organisation.

Fast Maintenance

Troubleshooting and maintenance tasks are also made simpler, when your telephone system is in the cloud. Upgrades can be carried out quickly and the system can be configured for new staff or office rearrangements with minimal fuss. As your business expands, it’s easy to add virtual extensions and there’s no need to worry about lead times for installing new telephone or ISDN lines – as long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go.

At Telecom Solu7ions, our aim is not only to help our customers achieve better value from telecoms, but to make the process easier and more efficient by providing the best service in the business.

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