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Business Broadband on a budget

We understand that running a small business can be costly, so we have a broadband solution that will fit your budget. With most things you sign-up to, there’s a minimum contract term, but with Connect Broadband you can take it for as long as you need it, with no tie-in. Put your business connectivity in the hands of a supplier you can trust. The best part about choosing us for your business broadband is that we’re here to look after you. We’re so confident we’ll do a great job, that we won’t tie you into a contract, but rely on our exceptional service to keep you with us. If you’d like a business broadband solution that’s ideal for you, with exceptional support, sign up for our broadband today. Call 01925 599201 or via email on sales@7ts.co.uk

Work from anywhere with a eve licence

Bringing your team back but want to allow them to work from home? The eve licences and mobile phone app will enable you to get your team up and running, working just as they would in the office. In response to the current climate, we’re doing all we can to help our customers’ businesses to continue to operate. With the free addition of eve’s Mobile app, your staff can access many of the benefits they are used to with their desk phone at work. You can forward desk phones to your new eve number, making sure your customer calls are always answered by a member of the team. Your outgoing calls will also present the same number as it would if your team were still in the office. Talk to us about how we can help improve your customer experience and allow for greater efficiency. Call 01925 599201 or via email on sales@7ts.co.uk

Keeping your business connected!

In today’s society, we have more flexibility and choice with connectivity than ever before, all thanks to broadband, leased lines, satellites, 3G 4G, and now the newest 5G! With the growing advancements in capabilities, we are more reliant on technology innovation than ever. BT recently posted that ‘over half of the UK (53%) has been using technology more often and in different aspects of their lives during the lockdown’. The improvements in technology have fuelled an industry of apps, games, and digital photography, which continues to grow every day.  Advancements in the graphics themselves have pushed on the expansions in technology further, creating an evolution like no other. All of these mind-blowing revelations could not have been possible without the help of connectivity! Mobile broadband relies heavily on connectivity. When you are away from the office or your home, where will you connect to check in on your employees? Your mobile device can connect to the internet instantly using mobile connectivity such as; 3G, 4G and soon to be 5G through your SIM card and your mobile provider will release the amount of monthly ‘data’ you have purchased in your phone plan. Here at Telecom Solu7ions, we look at how your business is operating which determines if the services you are using are benefitting your business, but also how we can help plan your business’s future with our available connectivity solutions. We have the key to all major carriers at great prices, wouldn’t you want to see how we can save you money and unlock your telecom potential? If you desire the perfect business mobile plan or the best quality equipment for your business, request a quote from Telecom Solu7ions today. Our team can be reached on 01925 599201 or via email on sales@7ts.co.uk.

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