Looking for a better business mobile provider? 

Looking for a better business mobile provider? 

Look no further for business mobile…

As technology grows and we rely on our business mobile phones more for work and our day to day life. UK providers are competing hard to be the best provider and remain ahead of the competition.

As consumers we want the fastest service and the most reliable customer experience. Operators are expanding their 4G networks and new technologies are continually being developed. We now use our mobiles for so much more than making calls or sending texts.  It is essential to have a reliable and consistent service, with capacity to accommodate our needs.  But how do you know who is the best provider?

In 2018, for the 5th year in a row EE was named the UK’s Best Network in RootMetrics Nationwide Testing.

RootMetrics have been testing all UK mobile providers since 2012 on a 6 monthly basis. 

Data shows that RootMetrics travelled 20,928 miles, and undertook 593,008 tests, which includes calls, data and text message, of all four of the UK networks across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, during the first six months of 2018.

In the last year alone, EE has doubled their 4G capacity on more than 2,500 sites across the country. They have began turning 3G airwaves into a boost of 4G speeds for customers in Cardiff, Hull, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. It is also introducing ‘5CA’ – five carrier aggregation – technology.

EE customers are now making more calls on 4G than ever before, giving customers more connectivity across the country. With 5G launching next year, EE is ahead of its competitors in terms of speed, reliability and service, so what are you waiting for?

At Telecom Solu7ions, we work closely with EE to ensure that our customers get the most reliable coverage for their business. If you would like to see how we can improve your business mobile performance, get in contact on 01925 599 201.

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