At Telecom Solu7ions, we offer a range of business broadband solutions that cater to many different businesses. Find out why fast internet is extremely beneficial for your business on our blog below.

It enables you to provide better customer service

If your system keeps failing, the implications of this can be huge, resulting in lost sales as well as a drop in customer trust. Decreased workflow as a result of inadequate internet can give off a sense of unprofessionalism to your important customer base as well as make you look weaker than your competitors.

On the other hand, if your business has quick internet speeds, you’re able to respond to queries from your customers as fast as possible in order to provide them with a better service. Generally, business broadband speeds are faster than residential ones, meaning you won’t have to worry about letting your customers down.

Faster speeds means greater staff efficiency and workflow

Staff productivity will always suffer if they’re not provided with adequate tools to complete tasks. Research shows that people in Britain lose several days a year because of slow-running technology at work. Fast and reliable internet solutions in your workplace will stop the frustrations that stem from poor internet connectivity. Whether you’re in an important video conference call or simply sending an email, we know how disruptive it can be when your office internet crashes or leaves employees with the dreaded buffering logo.

Never suffer that drop in motivation that poor internet speeds can result in when staff are trying to get on with important work. Whether they’re collaborating on projects in shared files or simply researching online, we’ll make sure that your employees are able to work from the most efficient internet connections possible.

There are packages to suit different needs

We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we are dedicated to finding the perfect supplier to suit your particular company’s needs – whatever they may be. It’s always important that you’re not either: 1. Paying too much for broadband speeds that aren’t required for your company OR 2. Suffering the effects from a slow internet package that isn’t sufficient for your needs.

Arrange a call with us today and we will be able to talk through your requirements and budget for your business broadband needs.

We understand that running a small business can be costly, so we have a broadband solution that will fit your budget. With most things you sign-up to, there’s a minimum contract term, but with Connect Broadband you can take it for as long as you need it, with no tie-in.

Put your business connectivity in the hands of a supplier you can trust.

The best part about choosing us for your business broadband is that we’re here to look after you. We’re so confident we’ll do a great job, that we won’t tie you into a contract, but rely on our exceptional service to keep you with us.

If you’d like a business broadband solution that’s ideal for you, with exceptional support, sign up for our broadband today. Call 01925 599201 or via email on

Bringing your team back but want to allow them to work from home? The eve licences and mobile phone app will enable you to get your team up and running, working just as they would in the office.

In response to the current climate, we’re doing all we can to help our customers’ businesses to continue to operate.

With the free addition of eve’s Mobile app, your staff can access many of the benefits they are used to with their desk phone at work. You can forward desk phones to your new eve number, making sure your customer calls are always answered by a member of the team. Your outgoing calls will also present the same number as it would if your team were still in the office.

Talk to us about how we can help improve your customer experience and allow for greater efficiency. Call 01925 599201 or via email on

In today’s society, we have more flexibility and choice with connectivity than ever before, all thanks to broadband, leased lines, satellites, 3G 4G, and now the newest 5G! With the growing advancements in capabilities, we are more reliant on technology innovation than ever.

BT recently posted that ‘over half of the UK (53%) has been using technology more often and in different aspects of their lives during the lockdown’. The improvements in technology have fuelled an industry of apps, games, and digital photography, which continues to grow every day.  Advancements in the graphics themselves have pushed on the expansions in technology further, creating an evolution like no other. All of these mind-blowing revelations could not have been possible without the help of connectivity!

Mobile broadband relies heavily on connectivity. When you are away from the office or your home, where will you connect to check in on your employees? Your mobile device can connect to the internet instantly using mobile connectivity such as; 3G, 4G and soon to be 5G through your SIM card and your mobile provider will release the amount of monthly ‘data’ you have purchased in your phone plan.

Here at Telecom Solu7ions, we look at how your business is operating which determines if the services you are using are benefitting your business, but also how we can help plan your business’s future with our available connectivity solutions. We have the key to all major carriers at great prices, wouldn’t you want to see how we can save you money and unlock your telecom potential?

If you desire the perfect business mobile plan or the best quality equipment for your business, request a quote from Telecom Solu7ions today. Our team can be reached on 01925 599201 or via email on

Technology is an ever-growing evolution that has fuelled the most popular industries in the world, one of the biggest being mobile phones and landlines. Here at Telecom Solu7ions, we want to help you and your business select the most appropriate landline for colleagues to have efficient communication with not only your clients but with each other. We pride ourselves on these 4 factors;

Quality – Excellent staff communication is the first essential to business success, as it improves work efficiency and productivity. A fully functioning and efficient landline is key to setting a good example to not only your clients but your staff.

On-going support – Not only do we provide you with the best the technology and equipment, but we have also got the team in place to continue to support you should anything go wrong. With our constant support, you will have access to a hands-on engineer who can fix any technical difficulties that you are experiencing.

Additional features – You may just want the basics for your business, especially if you are new to your industry. However, as you continue to grow and branch out, so will your demand. This is why is it essential to be using a landline provider who understands what features are available and what benefits are attached for your company.

Cost – Now to the one thing that you have been probably thinking about throughout this list. We buy at a wholesale level which is allowing the flexibility to offer a bespoke solution that fits you and your company. We can connect with high-end/successful users such as EE, O2 and Vodafone which means that your location is not a problem and customers can reach you at any time if needs be.

If you desire the perfect landline or the best quality equipment for your business, speak to one of the team at Telecom Solu7ions. Our team can be reached on 01925 599201 or via email on

The improvements in technology have fuelled an industry of apps, games, and digital photography, which continues to grow every day, while advancements in the graphics themselves have pushed on the expansions in technology further, creating an evolution like no other. This is why Telecom Solutions are providing businesses with the Cat S61. Cat branded business mobiles have been around for 10 years at this point, so I think we can boil your thoughts down to three simple sentences; yes it’s the tractor company, yes they’re made for people with rough and tumble jobs and yes we have seen a lot of this tech before.

What Sets Cat Phones Apart?

When it comes to choosing your business mobiles, Cat phones are different but in a good way. We are used to slim, slick phones with fragile screens, and in the long run, we steal from our savings to repair the damages, we can make all these problems disappear by giving you hands-on access to the well-rounded, rugged Cat S61 which is the upgraded very popular Cat 60, one of the most durable phones on the market. The S60 was very beneficial for tradesmen, from electricians, firefighters, plumbers to vets! However, they’re back with a bang with the S61 which is top of the market due to its unimaginable new features;

  • Powerful thermal camera
  • Incredible screen resolution
  • Can be held 3 meters underwater for 1 hour
  • Tested to mil std 810G of durability
  • Protected covers over ports (keeps mud and sore dust out of the phone)
  • Air quality monitor (every 30 seconds)
  • Range finder (measures distance)

Another significant feature which the phone has is its integrated FLIR thermal imaging system which provides a role in elevated skin temperature screening.

The Cat S61 smartphone can identify elevated temperature in a busy crowd which is absolutely crucial for public and workplace settings.

Why Telecom Solutions?

The real question is, why choose Telecom Solutions for your business mobiles? We want you to allow us to let users choose a phone that is compatible with you, because we prioritise the customers’ needs above everything and help your business make the most of technology and remote ways of working. We want to work with you to determine your businesses future and successfully cut back on the costs.

Our team can be reached on 01925 599201 or via email on

Here at Telecom Solu7ions, we use a number of different services such as; Business mobiles, cloud services, telephone systems, IT support, broadband connectivity, energy solutions, and vehicle tracking devices to offer the full package and work closely with our clients, ensuring the final product is bespoke, on time and within budget.

Our aim is to reduce business costs and time significantly, ensuring our clients achieve their goals and are able to effectively communicate with their clients and staff.

We have been fortunate to work with Fuzzy Duck Ltd and their team over the last 5 years. During this time, we have had the opportunity to keep up to date with their contract end dates with no hassle as-well as give them an insight into the best quality handsets to use for their business.

At Telecom Solu7ions we value our working relationships with our clients, and have received excellent reviews on our performance and employees, over to Jonathon Shire who is the Finance Manager at Fuzzy Duck Creative Ltd:

Telecom Solu7ions are friendly and efficient, they sort stuff out quickly and with zero fuss! You can’t put a price on that! We mostly work with Jo and Nicola who are both brilliant!”

Thank you for the kind words, Jonathan!

We can provide telephone systems and remote communications to cater for every business, get in touch with one of our team members today to complete your free communications audit, and see if we can save your business money:

T: 01925 599 201



Since lockdown was announced most businesses have found that they need to adapt to a new way of working. Being able to make fast and efficient contact with your customers and business partners is integral, especially when you and your employees are now working from home and you need to maintain communication. Keep reading to find out how hosted telephony solutions, and in specific eve, can help you run your business more effectively.


How can hosted telephony solutions help your business?

Hosted telephony is often referred to as Hosted VoIP and involves IP services hosted in the cloud. Outbound and inbound calls are made and received using mobiles or IP handsets and communications are transmitted through the internet which is connected to a cloud based data control centre. As well as helping you to keep in contact with your customers, partners and staff, investing in a good hosted telephony service can cut administration costs for your business.


What sets ‘eve’ apart?

At Telecom Solu7ions we pride ourselves with working with the best networks and partners to offer the highest quality, the best deals and the biggest savings. For example, we work with ‘eve’ which is an intelligent cloud-based IP Telephony Service.  What sets ‘eve’ apart is that it offers exceptional voice everywhere.

This means that you have the freedom and flexibility to make high-quality calls from your mobile. Downloading and using the integrated app means that you can use your business number from your own mobile, add and manage contacts, set professional greetings and even set options for call forwarding and set your future availability.

If you are interested in our Hosted Telephony Solutions or have some questions about how ‘eve’ may help your business, then our expert team will be happy to talk you through the options.  

Our seamless process will help you lower costs and get more value from your telecoms, constantly keeping you ahead of the curve.  

Our team can be reached on 01925 599201 or via email on

With businesses searching for costeffective ways to store their important data, more and more are moving away from the traditional methods and into the 21st century with the use of cloud-based solutions 

Not only for storage but also as a way of removing the need for expensive telephone lines and systems, being able to conduct calls and meetings through voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

But just how safe is your sensitive information when it’s being stored on the world wide web? We’ve put together this blog to put your mind at ease.  


What is the cloud?

Rather than being stored on physical storage systems, cloud storage is based on remote storage systems, usually by a 3rd party who manages, backs up and encrypts the information or files that you want saving, be it large files or telephone directories and lists of clients.  

Major providers include Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. 


Is it expensive?

Instead of having to fork out vast amounts on added computer storage, or drivers, businesses can instead opt to store their data on the cloud.  

By doing so, not only do they save on storage costs, but they can also do without the need for expensive IT security staff who would usually look after such files.  

Cloudbased storage is usually based on a monthly fee depending on the amount of GB needed. They are usually free for a limited amount, with the opportunity to purchase extra space if needed.  

Calls are also significantly cheaper or sometimes free. The need for a PBX system is removed, with all the usual telephone services now on the cloud. It offers a great way to save money, especially if your business relies on telesales or constant calls to other countries.  


Is it safe?

In a nutshell, yes, the information is secure, although certain breaches in the past where major information has been leaked have meant not everyone is convinced and ready to move to cloud-based storage just yet.  

These have been very few and far between however and are almost unheard of as security is increased.  

Data on the cloud is stored in an encrypted form, that would need to be hacked before anyone could read, and that is far from a simple job.  

If things do go wrong, then your business can relax safe in the knowledge that repair work is far easier. Upgrades can be applied with minimal fuss, and usually at a time when the business will be least affected.  

If you are interested in moving to business cloud solutions or have some questions about how it may help your business, then our expert team will be happy to talk you through the options.  

Our seamless process will help you lower costs and get more value from your telecoms, constantly keeping you ahead of the curve.  

Our team can be reached on 01925 599201 or via email on  

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