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With increased use of cloud storage and as-a-service software, businesses are becoming more reliant than ever on their broadband services. Business broadband needs to be reliable and fast, and there are various products available to meet the needs of different sized enterprises.


Standard ADSL broadband is delivered over copper wire and is available in most parts of the country. If you have more than one or two people using the connection, however, its speed may not be sufficient, especially if you’re heavily reliant on the connection.

Fibre Optic

Faster broadband services are available through fibre connections. Unless you’re in a city with the possibility of fibre to the premises (FTTP).  It’s most likely to be fibre to the cabinet (FTTC). This means the fibre terminates at a street cabinet, and the final short stretch to your premises is on copper wire. For business broadband users fibre is a popular choice, as it offers faster download and upload speeds and a reliable connection.

For businesses that need guaranteed speeds, there’s the option of Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC). This offers high quality Ethernet connectivity at up to 80Mbps, but more importantly, it has guaranteed contention, so you always get the same speed regardless of peak times.

If you need a dedicated connection, Ethernet over final mile (EFM) offers a constant speed and unlimited usage. The connection is carried over pairs of copper wire, so if one pair fails, there’s built-in redundancy to keep the connection working.

FTTP means that the entire internet connection is carried over fibre optic cable from the exchange to your premises and is therefore able to offer speeds of up to 100Mbps and even more. Because the connection is dedicated to your business, you’ll always get a fast connection and be able to transmit unlimited amounts of data.

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