Consumerism verses business sense!

Consumerism verses business sense!

We all live in a world obsessed with consumerism. Where people queue in line for hours, to get the latest phone, car or pair of trainers.

But when it comes to business, is that necessary?

Very few, if any, industries require you to have the latest handset at all times. Most businesses, especially small or new business, need to keep a close eye on cash flow. So these things become less important.
And in the spirit saving the environment, it is a very needless requirement.
That is why, we offer some amazing SIM only deals for businesses. This allows you, as a business, to continue using your existing handset, which is usually in excellent working order. It saves the business money and makes a contribution towards sustainability.
Currently we have some great SIM only deals which are available until 22nd December 2017.


10GB of data, Unlimited minutes, and texts on a 12 or 24 Month Plan, Includes EU Roaming and the BT Sport App. £15 per month.










 20GB of data, Unlimited minutes and texts, on a 12 or 24 Month Plan. Includes EU Roaming and the BT Sport App. Just £17 per month.


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