Who is driving the remote working trend?

Who is driving the remote working trend?

Remote working is on the increase, it is becoming more accessible by developments in technology and how we communicate.  It reduces an organisations carbon footprint, saves time not having to commute to the office, and allows for more flexibility.  However, there is the argument that it limits collaboration and team work. The break from traditional working methods can make managers and workers feel uncomfortable. It can present challenges for a manager who works with a remote team.

Benefits include;

  • Remote workers are focused and motivated and do not slack off – the opposite in fact
  • It keeps employees happy – they respond positively to the opportunity to work from home and will be more productive
  • Working from home doesn’t have the distractions that the usual office environment has such as colleagues wanting to chat or ringing telephones

Remote working is more common for those who work in the digital industries and can help to attract the best employees.  It offers flexibility with working hours which is attractive for those who have a family or other commitments.  Although remote workers may not complete tasks during the traditional 9 – 5 hours (I am writing this article at 7pm!). In my experience they still put the hours in – if not more.

So, are you ready to introduce a remote working policy?  The ultimate question to ask is do you trust your employees?  Those that are likely to slack off will do that if they are in the office or not.  Management often feel concerned that they cannot micro manage employees in the office and they are not as accessible.  However this is a traditional way of managing workers and not very effective when working with highly skilled and talented individuals.  In order to get the best out of your employees, it is important to encourage creativity and innovation not to stifle them.

Of course, another key factor to overcoming the concerns with collaboration and communication is to ensure that you have a high-quality communication system. There are many systems on the market which allow for excellent communications, some traditional, others on the cloud.

We have a range of telecommunication systems which allow

  • for free calls between sites, which can be a great cost saver
  • Some systems allow for calls to be forwarded to a nominated number (excellent when people are not always in the same location)
  • Calls can look like they have been made from a landline number, when in fact they have been made from a mobile

With so much choice it can be difficult to know which system would work best for your business. That is why we offer an audit of your current communication systems. We find solutions that save money whilst having a high standard of service.  Our experts can offer advise specific to your business to ensure that you remain the best in your field.  To book an appointment, call us now on 01925 599 201 or email us on info@7ts.co.uk.

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