The buyer’s guide to hosted business phone systems

The buyer’s guide to hosted business phone systems

Hosted business phone systems offer many advantages over traditional systems. Corporate phone systems no longer require excessive cabling or down time to upgrade, they are quick and effective. More and more businesses are turning to these systems which take advantage of broadband and modern technology.  We have developed an easy to use guide to help you through the considerations.

How reliable are hosted phone systems?

Hosted phone systems use broadband to send digital data so do not use the traditional cables – so if phone lines are down due to a storm or bad weather, your hosted system will still work.

Is there a lot of hardware required?

The short answer is No! Voice-over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) phones can connect to the internet with Ethernet cables or wirelessly through your Wi-Fi. Fewer cables and sockets means that maintenance costs will also be kept to a minimum.

Are different accounts required?

A hosted system will bring all landline phones and mobiles into one account.  This will allow you to expand in the future as and when required.  You will receive one bill for the contract, which will minimise your paperwork.

How is a hosted system managed?

A hosted account is managed through a web portal and the account manager can update these systems quickly and easily.  This level of accessibility ensures that systems remain current and any new features are available immediately.

Can you customise a hosted system?

As each business is different which means that their needs and requirements will be too. These systems can be customised to suit your business; this is achieved via the web portal.

Are numbers portable?

Your phone numbers can be connected to WiFi, or directed to mobile services, which means your handset can be an office phone or mobile.

What are the geographical restrictions?

The difference between a hosted system to a landline is that it doesn’t reveal your location.  This means that employees can work from home and be flexible if they cannot get to the office due to bad weather or delays with transport.  If you are in the South West speaking to a company in The Midlands – they won’t know.

Is it expensive?

Hosted systems are affordable – this is largely due to the lack of hardware, maintenance and contracts required.  They require minimal capital outlay. Let us give you a quotation, you will be pleasantly surprised!

What does the system involve?

A hosted system combines handsets and mobile phones into a user-controlled online interface. The handsets resemble mobile phones but with additional interfaces and features.

What happens if my company’s circumstances change?

Hosted systems are flexible – if your company expands additional handsets can be added.  If you move offices your system can relocate with ease and minimal disruption as the handsets plug and play – there will be no downtime whilst relocating.


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