How the telecoms industry is dealing with COVID-19

How the telecoms industry is dealing with COVID-19

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is proving difficult for everyone, as life has been put on hold for many including businesses and their workers.  

With a country-wide lockdown, staff are being forced to work from home, adding stress to the telecoms industry as they deal with the increase of users.  

With the extra demand, comes the complicated task of trying to ensure customers receive the speeds they are paying for.  


Mobile Data Relief

Certain mobile phone providers are allowing users certain data relief due to the increased phone use that can be expected.  

Vodafone provided unlimited mobile data for 30 days, available to half a million pay monthly customers, whilst others have been increasing their incentives of extra GBs of data to ensure they don’t go over their usual monthly limits.  

EE has meanwhile pledged to give free calls, texts and data during the lockdown to customers who are classed as disabled and vulnerable.  

Customers may work from home through the use of their phone as well, with them being less dependent on computers and Wi-Fi.  


Usage is changing

There’s no doubt that with the country on lockdown, and almost everyone working from home, the traditional internet usage will be going through the roof.  

Not only are people using their internet more regularly, but there is also a surge in streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as increased use of the likes of gaming on Playstation and Xbox.  

The providers are confident they can deal with the surge in usage though, mainly down to the spreadout nature that people will be using the internet.  

Previously peak times were between 8pm and 9pm, but this stress has been relieved by users surfing and browsing at different times.  


Help from streaming and social media

The stress piled on the telecoms industry has been alleviated by the likes of Facebook and Instagram, who have temporarily reduced the qualities of the videos on their site to improve network speeds.  

Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube have all opted to do the same, although the reductions are that minimal it will be difficult to notice any change. 


Still struggling?

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