Mobile Porting

Mobile Porting

From 1st July 2019, Ofcom are changing the regulations regarding switching mobile phone provider. The primary aim of these changes is to allow the customer to switch providers without the need to speak to their current provider on the telephone.

Under Ofcom’s new rules, mobile providers will not be allowed to charge for notice periods running after the switch date. This will put an end to people paying for old and new services at the same time.

There is an initial 18-month implementation period before this comes into effect. This means providers must comply by no later than 1 July 2019.

A customer will now be able to request a PAC, STAC, or INFO by sending a text to a free number, by going online or by calling their provider. The online and text options are new additions to the service.

This new process applies to Individuals and Small Businesses, the intention is to free up your time and make the process simple and easy. More information if available from the Ofcom website.

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