Which are the best business apps on the market?

Which are the best business apps on the market?

With so many apps available for your mobile we thought it was time to do some research ourselves and this is what we think…

Email Apps – these vary but are vital to keep in touch with customers, colleagues and suppliers.  Depending on your provider the app you need with vary, but access to emails is essential for anyone.

Microsoft Office – now that we all use our phones for business having Microsoft Office makes business documents more accessible.  They can be edited, and stored on the cloud which means that access is smooth.  An essential for any business person on the go.

Abode Acrobat Reader – a PDF reader can come in handy, allowing you to access documents.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader app, which is free, and can be used to make edit on PDFs.

HootSuite – is available on iOS and Android, and gives a set of social media management and analytical tools.  It enables you to monitor, and gives an overview for influencer identification, and publishing tools.

DropBox – Great for small businesses allowing you to sync files and folders across various platforms, and share with others. The mobile app gives you access to all your files on the go.

Skype – a name I’m sure you are familiar with.  This app offers Skype-to-Skype video or voice calls which are still free for up to 25 people.  It can be used alongside Microsoft Office, chat, file transfer etc.

Of course, the nature of your business may determine the key apps you use and this will vary from one business to another.  Tell us what apps you couldn’t function without.

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