All work and no play? 

All work and no play? 

Not if you are lucky enough to an EE business customer.

From 13th March, all existing and new customers of EE Business, will receive six months’ free access to Prime Video and MTV Play with their data on EE.

In addition, EE have also launched an app that helps customers to watch live and on demand content. There is also a video pass which lets customers stream stress-free across a range of content apps. This includes BT Sport and Apple Music too.  Another fantastic reason to join the EE business network.

Online demand is increasing and research shows that over 80% of adults in the UK are now using catch up or subscription services. The use of mobiles for viewing TV and movies is increasing nationally. EE customers can now use their Prime Video and MTV Play IDs to access this entertainment across multiple platforms and devices. Your commute home has just become a whole load more interesting!

With entertainment on EE, business customers can benefit from six months of free inclusive content, stress-free streaming on leading video apps and have access to exclusive offers. 

All of this sound appealing? 

To find out more about subscriptions, the app and how you can benefit from this great offer, call one of our experts on 01925 599 201 or drop us an email at

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